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What is a natural wine?

You may know it under the name “real wine”, “raw wine”, “naked wine”, or again “non- invasive wine”, but what is a natural wine exactly? Well, a natural wine is… Natural! But what does that mean?

Today, there are no certifications or regulations related to natural wines, which can make it delicate to define sometimes. However, you can remember it as described by Alice Fairing, author of Natural Wine for the People, for who natural wine matches with the following definition “nothing added, and nothing taken away”.

Natural wines are made from grapes not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides, they are farmed organically, by using for example sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems like permaculture.

Besides, natural wines do not experience transformation in the cellar, nothing is added or removed and you won’t find any additives in the bottles. The use of processing aids is banned and any intervention into the natural occurring fermentation is maintained to the strict minimum.

Where to find natural wines in Phnom Penh?

You can find our natural wines in different restaurants of the capital. Natural wine can be associated to various types of food, reason why you will find our bottles in different places and restaurants in Phnom Penh:.

  • Pépé Bistro

It’s a restaurant inspired by the codes of the typical Parisian Bistro. At Pépé, you will find international food cooked with fresh and local ingredients that blend perfectly with our natural wines. So rendezvous at number 223, Street 13 in Phnom Penh.

  • Cuisine Wat Damnak

It is a restaurant mixing Cambodian flavors and French culinary technique, located 29 Samdech Mongkol Iem, Street 228, in Phnom Penh. The chief of Cuisine Wat Damnak comes from the Loire in France, and wanted to create a menu inspired by the traditional food of Cambodia’s golden age.

  • Element

Element is a vegetarian restaurant located 51A Street 306 in Phnom Penh (BKK1 area). If you feel hungry, you can easily let yourself be tempted by their vegetarian burger made with their special black beans patty, delicious onion pickles, Cambodian black pepper sauce and other yummy ingredients, all to be savored with one of our red natural wines.

  • Green Station

Located 22A Street 390 in Phnom Penh, Green Station is a community store gathering six different eco-friendly brands, including Le Currifyeur. You can pass by and grab a glass of natural wine for apero!

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